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Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome

Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome

Archimeter carried out surveys of one of the most beautiful and important buildings in Italy: the Palace of the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome.

The survey activities of the Palace of the Supreme Court of Cassation were carried out in preparation for the extraordinary maintenance and energy efficiency interventions of the building. The surveys covered the main facades facing Piazza dei Tribunali and Piazza Cavour, the eastern fountain of via Ulpiano and the western front of via Triboniano, the eight symmetrical courtyards, the Court of Honor, the two central courtyards and all the roofs.

The intervention was carried out using integrated technologies in a coordinated process: the point clouds from 3D laser scanning were integrated with the point clouds processed from aerial photogrammetry: this allowed creating a single 3D model from which the technicians of Archimeter produced 2D technical drawings and even orthophotos generated with aerial photogrammetric techniques.

In addition, Archimeter created a mesh mapping of all the individual facades of the main facades, courtyards, and roofs.

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